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Presumably you’ve reached this page because you’re new around here — we’re very glad to have you with us!

This page contains information for those who are looking for a church in the area: perhaps you’ve just moved here, or maybe you’ve been around for a while but just want to find out a bit more about us.

There’s also information here for those who are completely new to Christianity and are wondering where to start.

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Aerial coastline photo - Bexhill church, Freedom Church in Sidley, East Sussex

New to the faith

Aerial coastline photo - Bexhill church, Freedom Church in Sidley, East Sussex

New to the area

New to the Faith

Freedom Church exists for one purpose alone — to serve Jesus Christ.

Our job as a church is to build a society that reflects the remarkable moral values and social principles that Jesus taught.  The aim is to demonstrate how living by Jesus’ precepts builds a functional society in which all have a place and nobody is excluded.  We are driven by Jesus’ visionary teaching on a better way to live. Jesus called it the Kingdom of God.

To understand our faith, a necessary fundamental is to understand that the world has gone wrong.  Without this, the philosophical jigsaw puzzle will never fit.  But with a world that is full of wars, crime, injustice, man-made famine and oppressive regimes, there are few who find this starting point problematic.

But into this broken world came Jesus — the Son of God. Through His perfect life and sacrificial death He made a way for mankind to have a relationship with God.


It’s all about Jesus

Although Jesus was born in obscurity and poverty and spent only 3 years teaching publicly, his teaching would continue to have global impact two millennia later.

He has inspired reformers and pioneers in all manner of fields. Christians (meaning followers of Jesus) have been behind many of the positive changes in society, including the abolition of slavery, prison reform, medical care for the poor, mental well-being, and making education available for all.

Whilst detractors have pointed out instances where Jesus’ name has been misused for bad causes, these cannot be reasonably linked in any way to His teaching as found in the Bible.

What is a church?

Jesus’ greatest impact has been the healing, restoration and transformation of millions upon millions of individuals through the 2000+ years since His life and death. The Bible calls this collective worldwide group of Christians the Church.

But as well as this global family, Christians gather locally. Whilst people often use the word ‘church’ to refer to the buildings where Christians meet, the church is actually the people. If we didn’t have a building, Freedom Church would still exist as a church!

Whilst part of the reason we meet together is for mutual encouragement and to worship God together, Freedom Church also exists to share the good news of Jesus to Sidley and beyond, showing God’s love to those around us.

We’re also a ‘Baptist’ church, which means that we maintain the Bible’s practice of encouraging new Christians to be baptised, as a way of publicly declaring their faith.

Where to start

If you’ve got this far, you may be wondering how this all applies to you!

Jesus claimed to be the only way to God — quite a claim! As C.S Lewis observed, for someone to say Jesus was just a good moral teacher isn’t an option. Jesus must either be mad, a totally evil liar or God, as He claimed to be.

We’d love to help you find out more, investigating Jesus for yourself. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you to arrange a chat. Of course, you’re also very welcome to just turn up! Our Sundays page has lots of information about our Sunday meetings so that you can know what to expect.

You may also find the following resources helpful:

From time to time we also run the Alpha Course at the church. You can find out more at their website or to find out when the next course is, get in touch with us.

New to the area

If you’re new to Bexhill — welcome! We’re glad you’re here in the place that we love.

Freedom Church Bexhill is the new name for Sidley Baptist Church. Based in Sidley, Bexhill, we’re affiliated to the Baptist Union of Great Britain and we adhere to the Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith.

If you’re looking for a church, we’d love for you to find out more about us and we’d be very happy to see you at one of our meetings. The links below give you some helpful information about the church: our beliefs, our history, our team and what’s on.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch using the form below!

Sunday church service in Sidley - Freedom Church Bexhill

Our Beliefs

Sunday church service in Sidley - Freedom Church Bexhill

What’s On

Sunday church service in Sidley - Freedom Church Bexhill


Sunday church service in Sidley - Freedom Church Bexhill