Activities During Covid-19

As of Sunday 5th July, we will resume our Sunday service at our church building. All other church activities will remain suspended from meeting together physically.

We will be following the UK government guidance for places of worship, and staying abreast of any further changes to this guidance.

Amongst the precautions we will be taking are:

  • Visitors are requested to wear a face mask and to wash hands for 20 seconds on entry to the building
  • Toilets are to be used on a ‘one out/one in’ basis
  • Seating is isolated suitably for people wearing a mask
  • A one-way flow from entry to exit will be in place.  After hand washing please move to one of the isolated seats.  We will leave through the auditorium fire exit to maintain this one-way flow
  • Antibacterial gel is also available at key points
  • We will not yet be singing or using elevated voices

At this time, we would request that those who are required to shield do not attend. However, in order that we continue to serve those who cannot be with us in person, we will be maintaining a Zoom session from the church. If you would like to join via Zoom, please get in touch for details.

Questions or concerns?

We understand that things can be confusing or worrying during these complicated times. So if anything is unclear, do get in touch with us via our contact form.